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Forum - as a process of a dialogue between state, private and non-governmental sector - plays vital role in shaping the business environment and policy development in EU countries. Experience elsewhere has shown that those strategic initiatives work best which involve extensive consultation with the sector, leading towards real partnership. Such a partnership certainly requires the building of trust between state agencies and the sector; but it also demands that the sector has a level of self-awareness and has the opportunity to have a 'voice' and articulate needs in a strategic way.

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The First Creative Industries International Forum St Petersburg - Helsinki - Manchester

The First Creative Industries International Forum St Petersburg - Helsinki - Manchester has took place in St Petersburg. The main aim of the Forum is to give a new stimulus to innovation, and to facilitate the consolidation and further development of the creative enterprise.

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Forum on Creative Industries (FOCI) is a network of experienced professionals concerned to inform and influence the current debates around the creative industries - now given momentum by the high profile accorded the sector by the UK government.FOCI brings together a wide body of experience around local and regional policy; economic and social development; urban regeneration; academic research; cultural strategy; education and training; and industry-based initiatives - accumulated over the last 15 years of Creative Industry policy making. FOCI welcomes recent Government initiatives - talking to industry representatives and promoting the contribution of the sector to the economy, quality of life and the image of Britain abroad. We feel that a 'window of opportunity' has been opened by the new government for a policy dialogue with those involved in the creative industries.

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OECD Forum

Forum for Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development

Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (FEED) programme is the main vehicle for promoting enterprise development in non-Member OECD economies.

FEED is an innovative tool concentrating on business start-ups and the development of small and medium-sized businesses. The FEED programme is based on best practice principles drawn from the experiences of OECD Member countries.

These are then discussed through Regional FEED initiatives, bringing together key representatives of government, NGOs, international donor organisations and the private sector in Member and non-Member countries and adapted in response to local needs and circumstances.

At present, six such fora exist covering the following areas/countries: Global FEED, Transition Economies, Baltic Countries, Russian Federation, South East Europe, South America.

Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development in the Russian Federation
Policy Guidelines and Recommendations for FEED in the Russian Federation

Since 1999, the OECD has conducted the Russia Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (FEED), which addresses the issues fundamental to the creation and nurturing of small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to engaging in a traditional "top-down" policy dialogue, the FEED encourages "bottom-up" support to entrepreneurs.

The Russian FEED programme has produced guidelines that serve a major role in the process of policy design in Russia. The guidelines cover a wide range of areas such as policy frameworks to support small business, creating an appropriate tax environment for business development, limiting bureaucratic burdens, encouraging business integrity, making financing more accessible and exploring ways to create business incubators for start-ups. The impact of these guidelines on policy formulation has been positive, with the Ministry for Antimonopoly Policy (MAP) basing its ongoing work on the issues raised in the context of the FEED programme.

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